WordPress function to use Google Fonts.

Using fonts from Google Fonts can give your site a customized look. In addition, fonts loaded from Google Fonts will be faster than using self-hosted font files. Sometimes self-hosted fonts take the longest time to download by the browser. Fonts loaded from Google Fonts will eliminate requests from your own server and also decrease latency on your server.

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Using rem for font sizes.

Rem is a new unit introduced by CSS3. Rem stands for root em and makes responsive web design easier. Rems are always relative to the root elements font-size, making them consistent. Calculations are simplified by using rems. Rems also scale better on viewports and screens compared to pixels.

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Schedule posts in WordPress.

Scheduling posts are useful in WordPress for numerous reasons. They allow you to target the best times for publishing your posts or having a consistency in adding new posts.

To schedule posts in WordPress:

  1. Select the post you want to schedule.

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Enable gzip using htaccess.

Enabling gzip allows compression of HTML,CSS and other specified files. This saves a lot of file size, saving bandwidth as a result. When your site requires less bandwidth, it will load faster.
To enable gzip you must add the following lines of code to your .htaccess file.

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WordPress 4: New features & updates.

WordPress 4, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, is not a major update in terms of features and functionality. However, just like every WordPress update before, it streamlines and improves WordPress.

New features &

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