World Cup 2011 Bangladesh vs Ireland: PreMatch

We are favourites against Ireland.
A team that we have never beaten in major competitions.
Yes, things really are interesting.
Ireland have managed to best us and embarrass us on two separate major occasions.
But, we have whooped them when they came over for a visit at Mirpur.
If the pitches play like they should, the match should not be much of a worry.
But it isn’t any walkover either.


World Cup 2011 Bangladesh vs India: PostMatch

It was a given that this was no easy task.
The weight of expectations is something that is new and will
take some adjustments. The Indian side just showed why
they are among the chief favorites.
With a batting line up like the Indians, it is hard

for any team to restrict them to a chase bale total.


World Cup 2011 Bangladesh vs India: PreMatch

Well. It had to happen at some point. But we never thought so soon.
We are no longer “minnows”.
Qualification to the Quarter finals in the World Cup is now expected, not wished.
We should the world what beauty we hold.
Now the time has come to show them our hunger for results.
The journey starts now.
As always, the Indians have written us off before the match has even started.
Some people never learn.