The Art Of Couch Surfing

You’ve seen it in movies. You’ve always wished you were cool enough to do it. Well, anyone can become broke & homeless overnight, hence anyone can couch surf. Best of all it costs nothing, but makes you a stronger person (ability to sleep anywhere, increased tolerance to light & sound, etc.)

1) Good friends. Or friends who won’t throw you out or say no. This step is vital. For family won’t let you sleep on their couch, but get you beds & rooms. If you have family who want you to sleep on their couch, it’s time to unfamily them on facebook.

2) A Couch. This is of utmost importance. Any couch, as long as you can fit on it. Short people, feel good. Comfort is also only an issue if you have choices, but remember you can’t complain about free lodging. Always take full responsibility for your couch. Keep it clean, comfy & smelling good.

3) You. The key ingredient, which dictates the entire experience, is you.Are you a little pansy doll who needs his girlfriend to tell him everything will be better or are you the whatever dude? Perception is reality. At least you have a couch to sleep on, some people don’t. So stop complaining.

4) Contribute. Don’t be a leech, be a seed. Give back to your generous host(s). If your host(s) has a console, get a game from your other friends and enjoy it on coop. Or simply order a pizza. This also makes sure that you can couch surf there again whenever you need to.

If you were kicked out by your gf(who hopefully became an instant ex), these steps could very well save your life. In fact during the zombie uprising in the future, humans will have to band together to survive (there may not be enough beds). Couch surfing will ensure your survival.