WordPress 3.3: New Features & Updates

WordPress 3.3 is scheduled to be released on November 29th, 2011. But for now, you can try out the beta. The new features and updates introduced include:

Admin Panel
The admin panel adjusts according to your window size and the widgets can be resized as well.

Admin Bar
The new admin bar is more responsive. It features dropdown menus and has been rearranged. Until now, the admin bar could be disabled. This cannot be done anymore.

Previously flyout menus would appear ifthe menu was collapsed, but now the full menu also has flyout menus.

Starting with WordPress 3.3, post name has been added as a permalink option.

Whenever WordPress gets an update, tooltips will now notify users of the updates.

The media uploader now has drag and drop functionality. The uploader now supports HTML5 and Silverlight.


Rest In Peace Steve Jobs: The end of Apple?

Our history was changed in ways good or bad, by 3 apples. One of them was eaten by Eve, one of them fell on Issac Newton’s head & the other one was made by Steve Jobs.

Without Steve at the helm any more, Apple has already started to bomb, with their latest iPhone announcement even losing the faith of even their most loyal. Now that he has forever left us, could this end the recent turn of good fortune for Apple?

I have never used an Apple product and I hope to keep it that way. But thank you Steve Jobs for teaching me that marketing > technology.