Moving phpBB forums into WordPress bbPress.

Migrating your phpBB forums into WordPress can be done by just following these steps:
1) Install and activate bbPress
2) Install and activate ForumConverter 
3) That’s all. 


WordPress 3.3.1 New Features & Updates.


Welcome message

The dashboard home screen displays  a welcome message after a new WordPress installation.


Co-Editing notifications

If more than one person is editing the same document, everyone is notified.
Tumblr importer

Using Tools -> Import, data from Tumblr can be imported.

Widget configuration for every single theme is stored. If you change between themes, you no longer have to change them from their default positions.

Permalinks are more customizable.
Post slugs

Some characters in post titles would previously cause weird post slugs. This has been fixed.
jQuery and jQuery UI

WordPress now updated to the latest version of jQuery, 1.7.1. It also includes the entire jQuery UI stack.



Using this method, we can findout if the object is the main WordPress query or a secondary query.
WP_Screen API

Working with admin screens is easier with this new API.


Editor API

The new editor API now pulls in JS and CSS.

Flyout menus

The dashboard navigation makes use of flyout menus, collapsing and expanding as needed.


Admin + Header = Toolbar

The admin bar and the header has been combined into one toolbar. These toolbar makes use of submenus.


Responsive design

The dashboard screen has been updated using elements of responsive design to fit and support a wide array of devices.



Help has gotten a complete update and has been categorised  and broken down into smaller topics.


New feature pointers

Every new feature added is now explained by pointers.


Update changelog

Changes made in the WordPress update can be viewed by clicking the W logo in the corner of the toolbar.


Easier uploading

Uploading has been made easier than before.


Filetype detection

Filetypes are now automatically detected while updated.


Drag & Drop media uploader

Uploading is easy as dragging and dropping into the media uploader.


New file formats supported in uploading

Rar and 7z file formats to the list of allowed file types in the uploader.


CSS3 new features: Media query, Web fonts, Backgrounds, Transform, Borders, Shadows.

Media query.

Media query enables multiple CSS files to be used depending on media type. The same site can be rendered differently depending on weather it is an iphone, an ipad or a desktop device

Web fonts.

Quite possibly one of the best new features added in CSS3. Add any type of font to your webpage without requiring the user to download it to view it or the use of flash or any other plugin.


Even more control in the background size is allowed then ever before, by allowing size implementations in pixels. Multiple backgrounds can also be applied


It is now possible to turn, spin, move, stretch, and scale different elements.


Easily implement rounder corners in their design elements without the need for corner images.


Easily implement multiple drop shadows on box elements.