Ethan Marcotte – Responsive Web Design book review.

Ethan Marcotte has been hailed as the pioneer of the responsive web design. He did after all coin the term, so who better than him to teach it? Making extensive use of CSS3, Ethan shows how to use semantic code, screen types, and queries to overwrite rules based on screen size.

Mobile web has more users than ever before and now for the first time ever out numbers non mobile devices. Hence having mobile sites is important without a doubt. However, it is not feasible to make websites for each and every type of mobile device and their resolutions. Responsive Web Design aims to solve that problem.

The main concept of the book is in making flexible template based on percentages and ems, instead of fixed pixels and width tags. Responsive Web Design is not a codebook and is a case study based book.

Responsive Web Design is released by A Book Apart, and just like all their titles is very brief and too the point.


Chimp Spanner – All Roads Lead Here EP review.

             The djent scene has rapidly started getting stale last year with more copycats and uninspired work than originals.  Not to mention the completely pointless growling with ridiculous lyrics that most bands have for no freaking reason at all.  Although Chimp Spanner might be considered djent, he is far better and beyond 99% of the artists in the scene. Great progressive tunes and no vocals. You can’t ask for much more. And while not exactly a Chimp, he can riff.  A lot. In case you didn’t know, Chimp Spanner’s music is very ambient and progressive. Tons of layers and textures, all building on each other. And upon all those layers are killer riffs and leads. It takes special talent to make instrumental music work. 

Even though only six tracks long(it is an EP after all),  this is classic Chimp Spanner material. Don’t let the song or album length fool you. The album is all head banging and no track skipping. With this release, Chimp Spanner has further established his legacy as one of the best instrumental acts today, djent or not.

Dark Age Of Technology starts with loud drums and riffs and sets the mood for the album. It is everything Chimp Spanner is famous for, without repetition. This song is like a minefield of hooks The drumming on this song is just plain nasty. And in a good way. A beautiful way to start the album.

Engrams is a very ambient track with eastern flavours. Nice synths with a clean guitar tone make this track standout. Engrams is the shortest track on the album and sounds like the theme to a Science Fiction show.

The highlight of the record, is three part suite titled Mobius. Mobius is equal parts shreddy, djenty and ambient. Combined, the Mobius suite is among the best Chimp songs yet. Mobius Part I starts with a echoing/delayed riff, that continues throughout the song and variations of it are heard throughout the suite. Mobius Part II starts along the veins of Mobius Part I, albeit more with more synth parts. The synth sounds on this album are phenomenal and give a great detail to the music. Mobius Part III is the heaviest part of the Mobius suite and is very shredy, leading to the climatic finish of Mobius suite.

The album closer Cloud City, is classic Chimp Spanner and nicely wraps up the album. Much more cleaner in tone and less heavy hitting than the album openr, Dark Age Of Technology. Filled with hooks and riffs, this song ends with a tasty solo and drumming that is similar to the one heard on Dark Age Of Technology.

Chimp Spanner is Paul Antonio Ortiz.

All Roads Lead Here(EP)  released on 6th February 2012.

01. Dark Age Of Technology
02. Engrams
03. Mobius Pt I
04. Mobius Pt II
05. Mobius Pt III
06. Cloud City