Don’t design in photoshop, design in the browser.

  1. Photoshop mockups are static not dynamic.
    You cannot interact with it.
    You cannot click the links or enter text in the form.
    It does not behave they way your design will behave in the browser.
  2. Designing your websites in photoshop wastes time.
    First you design in photoshop, then you do it for the browser.
    Why not just do it for the browser at once?
    Add in the factor of switching between the millions of tools in photoshop to get a simple thing done.
  3. You cannot collaborate with your back end and front end developers.
    You set up GIT or dropbox and you change the HTML/CSS, it changes for everyone else instantly.
  4. Photoshop is form over function.
    You need form and function.
    HTML/CSS lest you build a usable real world product.
    Photoshop gives you art that is lovely to stare at but does absolutely nothing.

Mobile first doesn’t mean mobile only.

Mobile first means designing with mobile devices in mind.
This means keeping everything to a need only basis and no bloating.
In this way, we design our siteĀ  to be viewed with smaller screen size and slower speed,
forcing us to be more efficient.
Many however mistake this to mean mobile only.
That is not the case.
Mobile first can easily be combined with responsive web design and progress enhancement to create a site that works great on whatever platform it is.
In this way we can give extra features and consideration depending on the type of device,
keeping only the basic features for mobile devices.
This forces the design to be less bloated and focuses on making your sites more efficient.
An example would be including richer animations, javascripts and additional features to enhance the experience on desktop devices.
Whereas the site is stripped of such features for mobile devices due to mobility issues and bandwidth constraints.

Remember, Mobile first doesn’t mean mobile only.
It means a better site.


The tip to beating procrastination is to just start.

Procrastination kills. It kills your creativity.
It kills your time.
Even worse, it slowly kills you.
But wait, that’s not the worst thing about it.
The worst thing is procrastination is completely preventable/avoidable/curable.
And the cure is free too.

The cure is to just get started.

Do what ever it is that you needed/wanted to do but were prevented by procrastination.
Nobody’s perfect on the first try.
But we can all get there through practice.
If you need to write something just write.
You can always edit and polish it up later.

I was procrastinating from updating this blog for the longest time.
So I wrote about how to beat procrastination so I could beat it myself.