Dream Theater: On The Backs Of Angels

On the backs of Angels, released on 29th June on youtube, is Dream Theater’s first ever release without founding member Mike Portnoy. It is also their first ever release with new drummer Mike Mangini and the first single from their upcoming album, A Dramatic Turn of Events. The single was released as a high-quality digital download on August 14th.

On the backs of Angels is a return to classic form for Dream Theater. It sounds like it could be a track from The Images & words era or Metropolis 2 era. Unlike their last few offerings which were more in the metal direction and less in the prog direction.

The entire band is beautifully showcased. The drummer is finally grooving with the band and not trying to forcefully take the spotlight. John Myung’s bass can finally be heard again. The song is carried by Jordan Rudess. He has tastefully integrated his patches with a grand acoustic piano sound.  This is all topped off by a solo John Petrucci. Everything in this song goes and fits so well. This could be the start of something epic.

Dream Theater
James LaBrie – lead vocals
John Petrucci – guitars, backing vocals and lyrics
Jordan Rudess – keyboards, continuum
John Myung – bass
Mike Mangini – drums, percussion

John Petrucci – production
Paul Northfield – engineering
Andy Wallace – mixing