Things to do during a roadtrip.

Keeping busy during a roadtrip is so overlooked.
Yet it can make the mundane of most trips into an epic adventure.

Things you can do while the roadtrip include:

  1. Invest in a DVD player.
    Watching movies together keeps everyone entertained.
  2. Make various playlists.
     Depending on the people in the trip, try and accomodate everyone.
    This means including music for everyone’s tastes.
    Not just bubblegum pop or high in the sky hip hop. 

Roadtrip to Vancouver: Over 3000km in less than 24 hours.

On an epic trip to Vancouver.
Covered more than 3000 km in less than 24 hours via great shifting of driving.
Took our first stopover in more than 30 hours in Regina,SK.
The city looks pretty.
Actually every city and place visited so far has had something unique and special.

The route travelled so far included starting from Ontario crossing over into Manitoba.
Currently stopping over in Saskatcheon before passing into Alberta and finally into British Columbia.
Aka the entire east coast to west coast via road. Can a trip get any better?

Yes, as impossible as it sounds it.
How? By the company you travel with.
Covering more than 3000 km in less than 24 hours is no small feat.
Planning effectively and efficiently made it possible.
We rotated shifts to our strengths.

More importantly we kept ourselves entertained,
something usually overlooked during roadtrips.
Investing in a DVD player, we watched movies
keeping everyone entertained and engaged.

The trip has only started.
The real adventure is yet to begin.