Best Programming & Coding Podcasts 2016.

Here are the best programming & coding podcasts of 2016. Add these web development podcasts to your list to help you become a better programmer & coder.
Developer Tea

Developer Tea is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell. Developer Tea is a podcast made for web and software developers.

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WordPress 4.6 Features & Release Date.

WordPress 4.6 will release on 16th August 2016. WordPress 4.6 is in beta currently and will have many new features.

WordPress 4.6 is scheduled to be released on 16th August 2016. WordPress continues to amaze with regular updates, something that is quite rare in a project of such scale.

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Fastest way to start Reactjs.

Start Reactjs using a generator via npm

The fastest way to get start Reactjs is by installing a development environment via a generator. Setting up a development environment is not only the most time consuming part of your Reactjs development,

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React testing with Jest.

Jest is an open source JavaScript testing framework made by Facebook for React testing. Jest is built on top of Jasmine. Jasmine is a testing framework for JavaScript that is built on the principles of behaviour-driven development. Jasmine does not require any other JavaScript frameworks or even a DOM(Document Object Model).

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Customize WordPress themes instead of building them.

When making a website, customize WordPress themes instead of building WordPress themes from scratch.

This will save you a lot of time, and help you achieve the most important part of any work: delivery on time. Developing the theme is where most of the time is spent on any website project.

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Coding Parties in L.A.

“All for a chance to be a star”
-No More Parties In L.A.

Coding bootcamps is the in thing. Like spiked hair in the 2000s, or terrible mullets of this era. Now it seems everyone needs to know coding(terrible fashion sense not optional).

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WordPress Scheduled Posts.

WordPress Scheduled Posts for numerous reasons. They allow you to target the best times for publishing your posts or having a consistency in adding new posts.

To schedule posts in WordPress:

  1. Select the post you want to schedule.

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Enable gzip using htaccess.

Enabling gzip allows compression of HTML,CSS and other specified files. This saves a lot of file size, saving bandwidth as a result. When your site requires less bandwidth, it will load faster.
To enable gzip you must add the following lines of code to your .htaccess file.

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WordPress 4: New features & updates.

WordPress 4 is named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. It is not a major update in terms of features and functionality. However, it streamlines and improves WordPress.

New features & updates include:

  1. Embedding URLs now has previews.

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Enable keep alive using htaccess.

Keep alive is communication between the server and the browser that allows getting more than one file.
Without keep alive enabled, it takes more time to download the page.
Enabling keep alive allows for faster downloads of webpages.

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What is the MEAN stack?

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.

MongoDB is a noSQL database that uses JSON-style documents for data representation, making it ideal for use with Javascript.

ExpressJS is a web application framework  written in JavaScript that is used with Node.js to help boost it up.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation Phoenix.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is out with a new map pack called Operation Phoenix. Operation Phoenix brings back eight fan voted maps, a Operation Phoenix case(containing any of 13 new weapon finishes) and a Challenge Coin(doubles as a competitive scorecard).

The eight maps that are returning include Cache,

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Installing Gulp on Windows.

Gulp is like Grunt.
It’s a task runner.

To install Gulp on Windows:

1) npm install gulp -g (this installs Gulp globally).
2) npm install –save-dev gulp (this installs Gulp locally to the folder).

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Firefox Add-on: Awesome Screenshot Plus adware.

Awesome Screenshot Plus add-on for Firefox also installs adware, which they claim to give you an option to refuse. Having used this extension for a while, I can’t remember being given that option. An annoying popup called “Related products” got shown every time I visited any page with any sort of buyable products on it.

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Comics Review: Scott Snyder’s American Vampire.

Vampires have become somewhat of a joke, thanks to the exploit of a certain sparkling variety.
What was once scary and terrifying is now considered a joke.
Scott Snyder, however aims to change that.
If the first half (till issue 30) was an indication,he probably already has.

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2013: The year of Responsive Web Design

The mobile device era is at full speed.
The sales of PCs continue to decline while Tablet and Cell phone sales continue to increase.
The mobile web is solely becoming the main web.
You cannot afford to make the mistake of making websites that are not optimized for multiple resolutions.

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Only you can make you happy.

From day one, happiness is all that we chase.
We give it various forms, shapes and names.
Some call it money.
But the reality is happiness isn’t something you need to get.
Because you already have it.

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The tip to beating procrastination is to just start.

Procrastination kills. It kills your creativity.
It kills your time.
Even worse, it slowly kills you.
But wait, that’s not the worst thing about it.
The worst thing is procrastination is completely preventable/avoidable/curable.
And the cure is free too.

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Chimp Spanner – All Roads Lead Here EP review.

             The djent scene has rapidly started getting stale last year with more copycats and uninspired work than originals.  Not to mention the completely pointless growling with ridiculous lyrics that most bands have for no freaking reason at all.  Although Chimp Spanner might be considered djent,

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Ever Forthright – Ever Forthright.

The long awaited album from progressive metal band Ever Forthright is finally out.
The self titled album was released on December 13, 2011 on Myriad Records.
Clocking under just about 80 minutes, this is on album that will rock your socks and shirts off.

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Aurthohin – Aushomapto 2.

2011 has been the year of the comeback albums.
Tahsan, Black & Nemesis all released new albums after quite a while.
Ending the party is Aurthohin with Aushomapto 2,
the sequel and follow up to 2008’s Aushomapto 1.

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Nemesis – Tritio Jatra.

After what feels like ages, the long awaited second album from Nemesis has finally been released.
Titled Tritio Jatra which translates to Third Journey, it was released on 23rd November 2011.
Their last studio album was out in 2005.

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WordPress 3.3: New Features & Updates

WordPress 3.3 is scheduled to be released on November 29th, 2011. But for now, you can try out the beta. The new features and updates introduced include:

Admin Panel
The admin panel adjusts according to your window size and the widgets can be resized as well.

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Eid MubaRock 2011

Eid MubaRock, Eid Ul Fitr 2011.
Not without the usual, it’s Eid today or no it’s tomorrow drama.
That can’t diminish Eid one bit.
Ramadan’s done, If only Ramadan lasted a little longer.

Eid Mubarock!

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Earthquake hits Toronto

An earthquake centered in Virginia with a preliminary magnitude of 5.9 hit eastern U.S. and central and eastern Canada.
The earthquake quake was felt hundreds of kilometers in eastern Canada, all across from Ottawa to Toronto and into New Brunswick.

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Eid MubaRock 2010

Eid MubaRock.
Been a great month of Ramadan.
Ah, how I always feel that ramadan goes by too fast.
Good things, they never last long.

But we earned it.
So enjoy it.
Eid MubaRock!

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Highly Recommended: Kick-Ass

Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass.
Nicolas Cage as Damon Macready/Big Daddy.
Chloë Grace Moretz as Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl.
Mark Strong as Frank D’Amico.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Chris D’Amico/Red Mist.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Released on  16 April 2010


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Communication is vital. Yet it is getting more and more overwhelming each day. Maybe even minute.
Checking your facebook account and checking Gmail only to later find out that the message
you were waiting for was sent on your Twitter account.

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Apple iPad? No thanks.

Apple iPad. Really? So that’s the best name Jobs and co. can come up with? For a device nearly a decade in the making, it is truly uninspiring and quite frankly useless.  Even thou there was unbelievable hype around this device,

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How To Be A Celebrity In Easy Steps

Anyone(or anything) can be a celebrity. All you have to do is follow the list. Remember, follow it in the given order.

  • Be absolutely talentless.(think about almost every single celebrity)
  • Have absolute killer looks (artificially enhanced,

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