Best Programming & Coding Podcasts 2016.

Here are the best programming & coding podcasts of 2016. Add these web development podcasts to your list to help you become a better programmer & coder.
Developer Tea

Developer Tea is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell. Developer Tea is a podcast made for web and software developers.

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WordPress 4.6 Features & Release Date.

WordPress 4.6 will release on 16th August 2016. WordPress 4.6 is in beta currently and will have many new features.

WordPress 4.6 is scheduled to be released on 16th August 2016. WordPress continues to amaze with regular updates, something that is quite rare in a project of such scale.

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Fastest way to start Reactjs.

Start Reactjs using a generator via npm

The fastest way to get start Reactjs is by installing a development environment via a generator. Setting up a development environment is not only the most time consuming part of your Reactjs development,

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React testing with Jest.

Jest is an open source JavaScript testing framework made by Facebook for React testing. Jest is built on top of Jasmine. Jasmine is a testing framework for JavaScript that is built on the principles of behaviour-driven development. Jasmine does not require any other JavaScript frameworks or even a DOM(Document Object Model).

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Customize WordPress themes instead of building them.

When making a website, customize WordPress themes instead of building WordPress themes from scratch.

This will save you a lot of time, and help you achieve the most important part of any work: delivery on time. Developing the theme is where most of the time is spent on any website project.

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