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Expired Domains – A Niche Site Case Study

    I’ve been told for ages that Expired Domains are the way to go when it comes to building niche sites. Like everyone else, I immediately disregarded the advice and have always used fresh domains. And that’s how I built mostly all my entire projects portfolio of sites. If there where any expired domains, it was by concidence and that advantage was never capitalized on. I did not care about expired domains being used for sites. Until now.

    The Hypothesis: “Do Expired Domains help rank content faster?”

    The Answer: Yes.

    What are Expired Domains?

    Expired domains are domains that have been previously registered but have not been renewed or have been intentionally allowed to expire. When a domain expires, it becomes available for registration again, and anyone can purchase it. Expired domains can be a valuable tool for SEO and online marketing as per many niche seo experts.

    Why use an expired domain?

    Well, early this year was prime for me to carry out experiments as I had lots of time in hand. I always wanted to build a niche site around pets. If you see the difficulty, you will understand it is quite competitive. Not to mention these days, I want to rank sites even faster than I used to. With age, patience goes. I can no longer wait for something to rank or hope a project makes me money. Yes, these are projects. But you need money to run projects. The more time you spend doing something, the less profitable it becomes.

    The process:

    1) Buy expired domain that is niche related.
    2) Add content
    3) Check rankings


    1) Ranked in less than 30 days!

    Note – More detailed writeup to come.

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