Fastest way to start Reactjs.

Start Reactjs using a generator via npm

The fastest way to get start Reactjs is by installing a development environment via a generator. Setting up a development environment is not only the most time consuming part of your Reactjs development, it is sometimes the most difficult part of it as well. There are a number of reasons for this. Installing any npm related thing can be tricky on windows(funny how compatibility doesn’t matter when developers only write their “frameworks” for unix based systems, however if something doesn’t work on IE, well we remember those days, right?).

These two steps install Yeoman & the react generator(it is assumed that you have node.js installed [I mean, why wouldn’t you?!])

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-react-gen

The next step allows you to generate your React.js project (you can use all the default values for the quickest start)
yo react-gen

To start your app, use
npm run start

You are all set to start writing & viewing your React.js app!

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