WordPress 4.6 Features & Release Date.

WordPress 4.6 will release on 16th August 2016. WordPress 4.6 is in beta currently and will have many new features.

WordPress 4.6 is scheduled to be released on 16th August 2016. WordPress continues to amaze with regular updates, something that is quite rare in a project of such scale.

WordPress 4.6 core development is being led by Dominik Schilling and of course has a wide range of contributors on the project. Several beta versions of WordPress 4.6 have already been released so far.

Some great new features in WordPress 4.6 are:

Shiny updates

This sounds pretty cool, right? It is! Shiny Updates will enable updating, installing and deleting plugins and themes much easier. You will no longer be redirected top a dull progress screen!

Editor updates

The WP editor is the place where we spend most of our time. Hence it makes sense that this is the section that has quite a few amazing upgrades. The auto saving has been improved. Broken links are now highlighted(while using the visual editor)

WP Admin returns to native system fonts

Currently, WordPress used the very beautiful Open Sans as the font in the WP Admin. While very nice to look at, this did make your Admin panel somewhat slower and relied on 3rd party services. Now, whatever is the default font on your Operating System, will be used in the WordPress Admin area.

WordPress Core updates

WordPress Core is what makes WP so awesome. a couple of new WP Classes have been added. These new classes include:
WP_Post_Type (Gives methods to handle post type supports, hooks, rewrite rules, meta-boxes, and taxonomies) ,
WP_Term_Query (Improves the structure for generating term queries),
WP_Site_Query (Allows sites to lazy load),
and WP_Network_Query (Allows networks to lazy load) and
register_meta()(A way for plugin and theme developers to standardize all the meta data store in users, comments, posts or terms.).

That’s more than a handful of updates and new features! I personally can’t wait to test them out and write up on how it goes!

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