BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.1: New Features & Rumours.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 seems to be right around the corner.
Rumours indicate it will be released with the 4G PlayBook.
Both versions of the BlackBerry Playbook will get most features, with some being exclusive to the 4G version.

Rumoured new features include:

Easier initial setups. Software updates and WiFi are no longer required during intial setup (first time turning on the Playbook).
Android Apps become more native to the BlackBerry Playbook.  The andriod apps will now run in individual windows, insetad of  one Android Player Window.  Camera support is provided for all android apps.
BlackBerry Bridge now supports reading, sending and receiving text messages. When connected to a WiFi connection and bridged, the WiFi connection is used to save cost and increase performance.
More use of Portrait mode. Portrait mode now available for use with the Email app, Calendar app, and Contacts app.
Video chat ins now possible over cellular networks that support 4G.
Canada gets a Video Store.  Thousands of movies and TV shows are now available on demand to rent or buy in  Canada.