Comics Review: Scott Snyder’s American Vampire.

Vampires have become somewhat of a joke, thanks to the exploit of a certain sparkling variety.
What was once scary and terrifying is now considered a joke.
Scott Snyder, however aims to change that.
If the first half (till issue 30) was an indication,he probably already has.
The series is primarily drawn by Rafael Albuquerque but does have quite some spin offs and issues drawn by others.
The first five issues even had backup stories written by the master of horror himself, Stephen King.
There cannot be any greater endorsement then that.

In American Vampire, we follow the villain or anti-hero if you will called Skinner Sweet.
Skinner Sweet is the first in the breed of American Vampires.
The vampires in this story, have and continue to evolve.
The species of American Vampire, seems to be the strongest.
Primarily the book is all about an organization called The Vassals of the Morning Star.
The Vassals are the only force that knows of the existence of vampires and tries to keep them under check.
Skinner Sweet is the biggest thorn in their side.
The series also details the rise and fall and rise of a girl named Pearl,
who even though turned into a vampire by Skinner Sweet, still retains her humanity.

The first half of the storyline has just concluded and setup the story rather nicely.
Rafael Albuquerque’s art is among the defining features of the series and makes the art standout.
But the standout star is without a doubt Scott Snyder, the fastest rising and most exciting name in comics now.
This is also among his very first works, and the amount of mastery he has shown, explains DC’s faith in him in giving him major properties of The New 52 to reshape in his vision, including the Batman himself.
Scott Snyder builds up and resolves very smoothly, always having an element of horror and suspense.
Scott Snyder is a man who will become or already has become a legend in the comics world.
This book shows that he deserves it.
This is required reading for fans of vampires(not sparkly ones), comics and good stories.