Dota 2 Beta Review: Gameplay, Graphics, System Requirements.

Dota 2 Beta has been out to the lucky few for a little while now. Does this game hold up and carry on the original?

The user interface has changed from the original Dota. It feels much more responsive and better. Matchmaking has several options divided by region. A great new feature is the ability to re-join the game within 5 minutes of getting disconnected. This feature is simply a godsend. Spectating is easier than before, allowing you to learn and watch other players and their builds.

The gameplay has been kept very similar to the original Dota. This is no surprise as the lead developers are same and promises were made that nothing would be drastically changed. Almost all heroes from the original Dota are available, even thou the names of the heroes are somewhat changed. Spellcasting has been significantly improved. Items are easier to buy and suggested guides for each hero are a great addition.

The graphics have been given a makeover. The game simply looks fantastic, even on very low end or old graphics card. This will be a relief as this means almost all Dota players can run the game quite well, without lag. The battles have been given more detail than before. The looks of the some of the heroes have been completely changed. This has not been taken well by many players. The overall system requirements are almost as same as for the original Dota.

The matchmaking needs a lot to be done. Abandoning a game has very dire consequences. If you abandon a game or so, you will pretty much be unable to join any game at all for a time period of 24 hours, as your are sent to the bottom of the matchmaking list for this time period. This is simply unacceptable. The Dota community has and continues to get worse year after year, all due to the snobbish attitudes of clans and entitled players. Hence at times there is no option but to abandon a game.