Ever Forthright – Ever Forthright.

The long awaited album from progressive metal band Ever Forthright is finally out.
The self titled album was released on December 13, 2011 on Myriad Records.
Clocking under just about 80 minutes, this is on album that will rock your socks and shirts off.
The supposed genre of djent has already started running in circles,
but these guys have taken it into a whole different level.
Made by a group of friends in music school, their music is highly influenced by Jazz.

What will no doubt gather the interest of most, will be the fact that the band is fronted by Chris Barretto,
better known as the ex-vocalist and primary writer of most of the lyrics on Periphery’s album.
Know this, Chris Barretto is one hell of a vocalist.
Myself, I prefer instrumental versions, and Ever Forthright have an instrumental version of their album.
The riffs on this album are killer. This is one album you have to listen to.

01 – All Eyes on the Earth
02 – Latency and Tendencies
03 – The Little Albert Experiment
04 – Lost in Our Escape
05 – Screen Scenarios
06 – Spineless
07 – Reflections
08 – The Counter Shift
09 – Infinitely Inward
10 – City Limits
11 – Dispose of Your Optimism
12 – Clockwork


Chris Barretto – Vocals/Sax
Nick Llerandi – Guitar
Billy Anderson – Guitar
Jon Llerandi – Bass
Jerad Lippi – Drums
Kevin Theodore – Keys