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What is WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE)?

    Full Site Editing or FSE encompasses template editing, site editing, a groundbreaking Styles interface, and fully customizable themes, all built on the foundation of user-friendly blocks. The primary goal of FSE is to put the power of website customization in the hands of users, regardless of their coding expertise. It eliminates the need for intricate coding skills or complex settings, making it accessible to a broader audience. One of the standout advantages of FSE is its ability to provide a seamless editing experience. With FSE, users can edit and preview their entire website within a single editor, simplifying the process of making block-based design changes. This streamlined approach is a game-changer for those looking to create and maintain websites with ease.

    FSE also introduces a fresh approach to website management by replacing traditional components like menus, widgets, and customizers with more intuitive block settings and the innovative Styles interface. This shift simplifies tasks such as customizing site headers and navigation, and it provides users with greater control over the visual aspects of their websites, from typography to colors and spacing.

    FSE allows for precise customization of individual blocks, including elements like post titles. Should users wish to revert changes, the “Reset to defaults” option ensures a straightforward and stress-free process. FSE empowers users to craft new templates for their posts and pages, offering unparalleled design flexibility. Real-world examples of websites utilizing FSE demonstrate its immense potential for personal and business sites alike.

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