Nemesis – Tritio Jatra.

After what feels like ages, the long awaited second album from Nemesis has finally been released.
Titled Tritio Jatra which translates to Third Journey, it was released on 23rd November 2011.
Their last studio album was out in 2005.

Maher Khan – Guitars
Zohad Chowdhury – Vocals
Omayr Khan – Guitars
Raquibun Nabi – Bass
Dio Haque – Drums

Track list:
01. Kobe
02. Bir
03. Tritio Jatra
04. Kolporajjo
05. Agiye Nau
06. O-Boshobash
07. Nirbashon
08. Hold On
09. Sesh Gaan
Note- The very last track, track 10 is an advertisement.