Only you can make you happy.

From day one, happiness is all that we chase.
We give it various forms, shapes and names.
Some call it money.
But the reality is happiness isn’t something you need to get.
Because you already have it.
But somewhere down the line, you were told you didn’t have it.
And further down the line, you actually believed that you didn’t have it.
Hence you were chasing something you already had.
Like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Objects will never get you happiness.
Not for long, anyways.
Your model will always be obsolete sooner then later.
Then what, buy another one that you don’t need just for those few seconds of happiness?

People won’t get you happiness.
Not for too long, anyways.
People change. Their desires, wants and need changes.
What starts of as need soon becomes greed.
And then you wonder why you were trying to impress this person at the first place.

You too will change.
But, unlike everything else, you will know that every second of the way.
Only you know what you truly want.
And only you can give that to yourself.

If objects truly did make people happy,
why is it that the richest truly never have enough?

You always had happiness inside you.
You just have to rediscover it and remember where you kept it.
Happiness can only be felt.
Not bought or earned or given.