PC Co-op Game Review: Family Guy Back to the Multiverse.

Co-op games on the PC are a rarity.
And by co-op i mean local co-op, not over the interent which would be multiplayer, in my book.
You would think that by now, every game could and should have local co-op for the PC.
After all, most of the same games have local co-op in their console versions.
But sadly, it is in much different times we live in.
So when a co-op game mois made for the PC, it is always a blessing.

Family Guy:Back to the Multiverse is as epic as it sounds.
Officially based of the show, you take control of Stewie and Brian as they stop Bertram and his forces from conquering the multiverse.
Anyone who has seen the show knows of Stewie’s and Bertram’s hatred of each other.
Bertram is gathering forces all across the multiverse to launch an attack on The Griffins.
Stewie and Brian chase him all across the multiverse, fighting versions of everyone from Family Guy.
And no, everyone does not include Meg.
Being an official game means all the characters are voiced by the cast of the show.
There are many unlockables including outfits, weapons and levels as well as the standard multiplayer game modes.

If you are a fan of the show and like co-op games,
you should play this.