Version control using GIT, ZIP, RAR and Dropbox.

There is no excuse not to use version control.
There are many free and cheap ways of implementing version control.
Some ways are:

  1. GIT is the most popular and common method at the moment.
    You can easily set up your own GIT repository .
    Most of the companies that have web related projects usually have their own repository.
  2. Another way to go it is by simply creating a ZIP or RAR of your day’s work and storing it on an external location/drive.
    This may seem old fashioned but this it still works and only costs a few extra seconds every day.
  3. My preferred method for my own files is to use Dropbox.
    Simply set up your Dropbox as your my documents folder.
    All your files(to a maximum period of the last 30 days) is automatically saved with multiple versions that you can access via the Dropbox website.
    If you want retention of all versions of your files, then simply get a pro account and add the packrat addon.There is no reason at all to not version control your files.