Communication is vital. Yet it is getting more and more overwhelming each day. Maybe even minute.
Checking your facebook account and checking Gmail only to later find out that the message
you were waiting for was sent on your Twitter account. This is the problem of communication today.
Too many different platforms, each equally important.

Threadsy intends to solve this problem by being a centralised platform for all your communication needs.
The reason you don’t know what it is, is because it still hasn’t been released to the public yet, it’s in private beta.
Threadsy works through your browser, which is great as who needs more programs anyway?

Threadsy connects to all major email and social networks. Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, Twitter and
many others are covered. You can send and receive messages through all your accounts connected
to your Threadsy account. Users of Gmail will love the fact that Gmail labels are supported.

Threadsy is broken down into two parts, Inbound and unbound. Inbound consists of messages you receive,
i.e. emails via Gmail or direct messages (DM) via Twitter. Inbound section takes up most of the screen,
and is on the right side. You can compose emails and send them from Inbound.
Unbound consists of status updates from Twitter and Facebook and is on the left side
of the screen and takes up a third of the screen.
You set status updates on Facebook and Twitter from Unbound.

Instant messaging support is supported for Meebo, Facebook, Gmail and a few others with more to be probably added.

The people tab  is where you can view full profiles and connected networks of people on your friends list.
It is being worked at and isn’t complete yet.

All in all, Threadsy looks very promising and is free.  It may well save us a lot of time.
Want a Threadsy invite? Send me a message through the comments or via Twitter.