Highly Recommended : Fantastic Mr. Fox.


George Clooney as Mr. Fox
Meryl Streep as Mrs. Felicity Fox
Bill Murray as Clive Badger
Willem Dafoe as Rat
Owen Wilson as Coach Skip

Directed by Wes Anderson.

Music by Alexandre Desplat.

Released on 13th November 2009 .

Roald Dahl was a man with a heck of an imagination. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , James and the Giant Peach, to name a few, are all his creations. Only recent technology has allowed us to capture the essence of his work. Fantastic Mr. Fox is animated using stop-motion. That provides for a refreshing break from all the animated technology that you see everyday.

The interaction between the animals and humans is the core of the story. The wild nature of the animals and their dilemma of weather to suppress their instincts or to give in is the main theme of the film. It shows great interaction between different kinds of animals. Foxes, Badgers,

The movie features an all star vocal cast which is utilized perfectly. Featuring the vocal talents of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson, Michael Gambon and Jarvis Cocker among others. A cast does not get better than this.

George Clooney gives a heck of a vocal performance as Mr Fox. There are no doubts about his acting talents. His vocal talents are as credible as his acting. His distinctive voice give personality to the character of Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox is the protagonist. He is a clever and cunning fox who takes to stealing for a living. Even thou Mrs. Fox and his family life stops him from turning to his outlaw ways, that does not last for long. Mr. Fox does one last heist which leads to another and then before too long, he is chin deep in trouble.

Meryl steep gives a convincing performance as the Felicity Fox aka Mrs Fox. Mrs Fox was Mr Fox’s reason for leaving behind is outlaw ways. But even she fails to make him stop for good. She adds the balance to Fox’s character.

Bean, Boggis and Bunce, a group of three humans who are farmers, are the antagonists of the film. You really do have to feel a little bad for them as it is Fox who strikes at them first. There elaborate plan to end him once and for all is where the movie kicks off.

The movie is recommended for all fans of Dahl’s work, animated work and fans of alternative works.