Highly Recommended : The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day.

Everybody’s favourite Irish Saints from Boston are back. This time around, they are out for revenge.
Written and directed by The Boondock Saints creator Troy Duffy, starring Sean Patrick Flanery as Connor MacManus and Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus, hence reprising their roles. Almost all the cast members return, giving it an authenticity and feeling of the original, even thou 10 years have gone by since the original.

Thou based in Boston, it was actually shot in Toronto. There seems to be some sort of delay issue with Boondock Saints. That was the issue with part one and the same with this. Supposed to be out before 2009, even now it has not got a wide release. But this is a cult film we are talking about. The movie has great dialogue and has classic Boondock Saints cinematic.

Boondock Saints 2 is just like the first movie. In fact, do not watch this if you by some chance have not seen the original. A lot of continuity is present. Just like the first one, this is all about the brothers and their killings of evil men. Like the first, it too is based in Boston. This time around thou, everyone is scared of them and their legend.  You see, they have been out of action, and were rusting away in their homeland of Ireland. But someone wants them back. We get a glimpse as how to Noah MacManus a.k.a. Il Deuce, the father MacManus, gets into/starts the family business of killing evils.

There are a few notable additions to the cast. Julie Benz as a Special Agent totally steals the show at some parts. She has so many great lines. Literally everything she says is gold. Romeo the Mexican, the new buddy of the MacManus brothers, is the constant comic relief of the film.  He takes over Rocco’s role from the first film, and does a great job. The movie has an ending that is simply unbelievable and leaves you waiting for more. Who knows how long it will be before Part 3?