Responsive Web Design: Breakpoints.

  1. Mobile, tablet and desktop are the three popular breakpoints.
    Ususally they are at 480,  768,  and 992 px.
  2. Breakpoints should not be fixed but should be custom depending on the type of site.
    For example, whether your site has a 3 column design or a 1 column design.
  3. More breakpoints means a more fluid  and smoother experience.
    But too many may make your site slower.
  4. Experiment and see what works best for you site.
    Try it across different browsers, devices and resolutions.
  5. Do not target specific devices with your breakpoints as this is always changing.
    Rather target what you feel will give the user the best experience.

Comics Review: Scott Snyder’s American Vampire.

Vampires have become somewhat of a joke, thanks to the exploit of a certain sparkling variety.
What was once scary and terrifying is now considered a joke.
Scott Snyder, however aims to change that.
If the first half (till issue 30) was an indication,he probably already has.
The series is primarily drawn by Rafael Albuquerque but does have quite some spin offs and issues drawn by others.
The first five issues even had backup stories written by the master of horror himself, Stephen King.
There cannot be any greater endorsement then that.

In American Vampire, we follow the villain or anti-hero if you will called Skinner Sweet.
Skinner Sweet is the first in the breed of American Vampires.
The vampires in this story, have and continue to evolve.
The species of American Vampire, seems to be the strongest.
Primarily the book is all about an organization called The Vassals of the Morning Star.
The Vassals are the only force that knows of the existence of vampires and tries to keep them under check.
Skinner Sweet is the biggest thorn in their side.
The series also details the rise and fall and rise of a girl named Pearl,
who even though turned into a vampire by Skinner Sweet, still retains her humanity.

The first half of the storyline has just concluded and setup the story rather nicely.
Rafael Albuquerque’s art is among the defining features of the series and makes the art standout.
But the standout star is without a doubt Scott Snyder, the fastest rising and most exciting name in comics now.
This is also among his very first works, and the amount of mastery he has shown, explains DC’s faith in him in giving him major properties of The New 52 to reshape in his vision, including the Batman himself.
Scott Snyder builds up and resolves very smoothly, always having an element of horror and suspense.
Scott Snyder is a man who will become or already has become a legend in the comics world.
This book shows that he deserves it.
This is required reading for fans of vampires(not sparkly ones), comics and good stories.


Responsive Web Design: Testing.

    1. User testing.
      This will be carried out to find out how the website is used.
      Give the users certain tasks like adding a product to their cart, checking out, navigating and searching the site, etc.
      Try and observe them in their natural environments. This is especially important for responsive web design as people use  tablets and cell phones in a variety of locations and situations. Try out various age groups depending on the type of your website and it’s target demographics.
      Do user testing often and do it through out the entire process of building and deploying the site.
      Ask them for comments on what they like and don’t like.
      Ask them about their views and opinions on the site and how it looks on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
      Throughout the entire process, let the users be as natural as possible.
      Do not pressure them and let them take direction of how to use the site.


  1. Technical testing.
    This will be done to see how the website performs or various resolutions, browsers, devices and bandwidths.
    Try and test out as many different devices, resolutions and browsers as you can.
    Definitely test it out on the major devices.
    Give your users as many devices as you can to test the site.
    Mostly, let people test on their own devices.

Remember that the way we design and use the site may not be how most of the users interact with it.
The only way to see how the site is used is by testing often and testing with various people and devices.


2013: The year of Responsive Web Design

The mobile device era is at full speed.
The sales of PCs continue to decline while Tablet and Cell phone sales continue to increase.
The mobile web is solely becoming the main web.
You cannot afford to make the mistake of making websites that are not optimized for multiple resolutions.
Neither do you have the resources to waste on mobile versions of your site or native app versions of your website.
Given the amount of devices coming out, how many apps are you gonna build?

Simply put, there is only one way to go.
And that is with Responsive Web Design.
Every major website is starting to embrace Responsive Web Design.
Responsive Web Design is no longer a luxury.
It’s a necessity.


PC Co-op Game Review: Family Guy Back to the Multiverse.

Co-op games on the PC are a rarity.
And by co-op i mean local co-op, not over the interent which would be multiplayer, in my book.
You would think that by now, every game could and should have local co-op for the PC.
After all, most of the same games have local co-op in their console versions.
But sadly, it is in much different times we live in.
So when a co-op game mois made for the PC, it is always a blessing.

Family Guy:Back to the Multiverse is as epic as it sounds.
Officially based of the show, you take control of Stewie and Brian as they stop Bertram and his forces from conquering the multiverse.
Anyone who has seen the show knows of Stewie’s and Bertram’s hatred of each other.
Bertram is gathering forces all across the multiverse to launch an attack on The Griffins.
Stewie and Brian chase him all across the multiverse, fighting versions of everyone from Family Guy.
And no, everyone does not include Meg.
Being an official game means all the characters are voiced by the cast of the show.
There are many unlockables including outfits, weapons and levels as well as the standard multiplayer game modes.

If you are a fan of the show and like co-op games,
you should play this.


Only you can make you happy.

From day one, happiness is all that we chase.
We give it various forms, shapes and names.
Some call it money.
But the reality is happiness isn’t something you need to get.
Because you already have it.
But somewhere down the line, you were told you didn’t have it.
And further down the line, you actually believed that you didn’t have it.
Hence you were chasing something you already had.
Like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Objects will never get you happiness.
Not for long, anyways.
Your model will always be obsolete sooner then later.
Then what, buy another one that you don’t need just for those few seconds of happiness?

People won’t get you happiness.
Not for too long, anyways.
People change. Their desires, wants and need changes.
What starts of as need soon becomes greed.
And then you wonder why you were trying to impress this person at the first place.

You too will change.
But, unlike everything else, you will know that every second of the way.
Only you know what you truly want.
And only you can give that to yourself.

If objects truly did make people happy,
why is it that the richest truly never have enough?

You always had happiness inside you.
You just have to rediscover it and remember where you kept it.
Happiness can only be felt.
Not bought or earned or given.


Version control using GIT, ZIP, RAR and Dropbox.

There is no excuse not to use version control.
There are many free and cheap ways of implementing version control.
Some ways are:

  1. GIT is the most popular and common method at the moment.
    You can easily set up your own GIT repository .
    Most of the companies that have web related projects usually have their own repository.
  2. Another way to go it is by simply creating a ZIP or RAR of your day’s work and storing it on an external location/drive.
    This may seem old fashioned but this it still works and only costs a few extra seconds every day.
  3. My preferred method for my own files is to use Dropbox.
    Simply set up your Dropbox as your my documents folder.
    All your files(to a maximum period of the last 30 days) is automatically saved with multiple versions that you can access via the Dropbox website.
    If you want retention of all versions of your files, then simply get a pro account and add the packrat addon.There is no reason at all to not version control your files.